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Puran Murti Educational Institutions isone of the finest Institutions of India having well developed infrastructure situated in an eco-friendly location having nature friendly environment. The Institutional group is successfully running 5-6 technical institutions including Pharmacy, Architecture, Diploma & Bachelor’s in Engineering along with this reputed school. This institutional group is having over 5,000 students and 750 staff members. Founded in 2007 by Lt. Sh. Puran Singh & Smt. Murti Devi (renowned social activist in the city), Puran Murti today is a brand name in the field of education (from primary to higher level including higher technical education). Beyond these achievements, Dr.Vijaypal Nain (President)is running PMGS with vision to inspire generations of children to become socially motivated and conscious citizens of India and the world. PMGS therefore places great emphasis on children’s all-round development, moral character, and international exposure.

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With a view to promote the ideals of World Unity and World Peace across the globe, PMGS organizes Peace Congresses in the form of 28 international events. Every PMGS event starts with a prayer for peace in the world. Although these events are organized on a variety of subjects like Geography, History, English language, Computer Science, Science and Technology, and Sports, the central idea behind organizing all these events remains development of cultural understanding and promotion of peaceful co-existence and unity in young minds. Such a stimulating environment lets children appreciate first-hand the similarities and celebrate the differences between people from all over the country and the world. They recognize how despite our differences, we are one people, united in our diversity which makes us stronger. Children gain enormous confidence and these are experiences of a lifetime. Instead of being confined to the local reality in Sonepat, children experience a wider reality which has important impact on their whole psychology and on how they relate to each other.


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