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The Puran Murti Global School campus is strategically designed to provide an ideal and secure environment for its students. The campus has large open spaces as well as appropriately planned buildings for Pre- Primary and Middle providing ample space for outdoor. It is our firm belief in the infinite potential of the human mind that earns it the credit as a fundamental resource in the progress of our nation. Our educational Institute shall thus, continue to cultivate the genius within each, as our humble contribution towards the nation’s promising future.

It provides a cutting edge academic programme with state of the art infrastructure and facilities. Here, students acquire an excellent education in a rich Indian and International context, cultivate up rooted in our core values and accommodate to take on the changing world´s challenging demands as they pursue higher studies in top universities in India and worldwide. This is what sets the school apart in the growing milieu of International schools.

The evolved 21st century classroom is a productive environment in which students can develop the skills they will require in the workplace and teachers are facilitators of their learning. The focus of a 21st century classroom is on students experiencing the environment they will enter as modern day workers and developing their higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, collaboration skills, making them adept with using technology and all other skills that they will need in the 21st century workplace.

The educational practices of the traditional classroom are no longer effective and teachers must develop new teaching strategies that are radically different from those employed in the traditional classrooms. The modern day classroom should be more centered on students and teachers should take the role of facilitators and guides instead of being mere providers of knowledge. They must ensure that they engage their students in learning and provide effective instruction using a variety of instructional methods and following different pedagogical approaches aided with technology. They should be active participants in their own learning and must seek out professional development to improve their performance and their students’ learning.